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General Site Rules

We don't want to impose too many strict rules but without guidelines, competition just wouldn't be as good.
Please have a read of the rules below so you know what is expected of every member here at game-plan.net.

1. Please be respectful to fellow members and admins of gameplan. Both on the site and in game. If you are abusive, you will receive a recorded warning and may receive a site ban based on the severity of your actions. Persistent offenders will be removed.

2. Any form of cheating will not be tolerated and members will be removed from leagues, tournaments and possibly the site.

3. No Quitting: Quitting from games for any reason will qualify you for an admin review where a permanent note will be added to your profile indicating the circumstances.

4. No deliberate own goals at any cost , you might not care how many goals they score but the member fighting for golden boot and goal difference might have something to say.

5. Cutbacks/Intercepting goal kicks/late tackles are allowed as they are part of real life football . Some people consider it underhanded so it is up to you whether you do it or not.

6. Live Season to be turned off AT ALL TIMES.

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